Flowers to Singapore

Delivery of Flowers to Singapore  

Fresh flowers are largely used for decoration in home or many places for the purpose of adding color, freshness and enjoyment. A very unique way to deliver flowers to Singapore is directly through the local florists found there. It can be made through online also. From the website customers can select the florist or flower shop to deliver the flowers or bouquet arrangements. There are also many florists in Singapore among which Prince’s is one of the most famous shops. They deliver the most gorgeous and beautiful flowers and also in the same day. They provide an excellent customer service with all the orders. Vanda Miss Joaquim is the national flower of Singapore also known as Singapore orchid’. Also a huge collection of flowers are imported from many neighboring countries as well as exported to these countries. International flower delivery besides is also done here.

The impact that flowers have on the people:  They express a wide range of emotions from love to companionship, innocent to compassion, they are thought to be a way to express feelings which are more than that of the words.

  • Pleasure, happiness
  • Positive effect on mood
  • Symbol of effective
  • Symbol of sharing


There are more the twenty two thousand flower shops in Singapore. The famous flowers here are -

  • Vanda Miss Joaquim- this is the national flower of Singapore.
  • Water hyacinth- these flowers are lilac in color and look very beautiful.
  • Hibiscus- these are mainly red, orange, pink and yellow in color.
  • Touch me not – these flowers are very sensitive, the petals get closed when it is touched.
  • Beach morning glory-thee flowers are of purple color. They are creepers and their leaves are butterfly shaped.
  • Plumbago auriculata – these are shrubs.
  • Crape jasmine- it is a tropical variety of jasmine. It has white pinwheel shaped flowers which can treat many types of diseases.
  • Helliconia- this is a very rare flowering plant.
  • Golden shower- this is an orchid which bear yellow colored flowers.
  • Bougainvillea-these are purple colored flowers, etc.

Among the leading wholesaler in Singapore Ji Mei flower is a famous one. In most of the shops the products available are:

  • Fresh-cut flowers
  • Gardening flowers
  • Floral supplies
  • Florist tools
  • Decorative flowers etc.

In Singapore the local flower shops provide delivery of both local and international flowers. Those shops have professional florists, they always ensure delivery of flower arrangements that are fresh, dazzling and are always attractive. Flowers are sent not only to major countries outside but also to all the different islands of Singapore. They help to deliver the best and perfect flowers. In this country life is full with happiness of people and gratification of loneliness. The payment of the flower delivery here can be through PayPal, visa, MasterCard. Here floral designers invent many innovative designs from imagination and as well with fun themes. So sending flowers to Singapore has become a very easy way now-a-days. Birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, wedding flowers, funeral flowers etc all are available at a reasonable price in these days here. Customers are provided with packages of good quality and prompt delivery of the flowers.


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